Baby Shower Venue

Baby shower is the event that every expecting parents love to celebrate. The best possible way to celebrate the beautiful event of life with the close ones is by throwing a party at a good place or venue. Celebrating the event would be a great way to share the happiness and joy of the new phase of life that’s parenthood. The essence of such an event lies in pampering, loving, and blessing the expecting mother.  

So, are you also planning for a baby shower party to welcome the little ones and to pamper your wife? Then here’s the list of things to consider – the guest list, the perfect venue, etc. If you are done with the list of the guests then the next step is to find the right place to organize the party. A good baby shower venue in New York, Queens, and Brooklyn would be the La Belvedere Banquet Hall. Keep on reading to know what are the plus points of choosing this hall for celebrating the baby shower event.

A hall with a perfect location: –

The location of this banquet is exactly what you must have thought of when planning the party. The central location of this venue makes it possible to reach the venue on time from every corner of the city. This baby shower venue in Brooklyn, Queens, and New York, is located on the ground level along with the handicap accessibility, which adds to the advantages of choosing this venue for a baby shower party.     

Fits your budget: –

No matter what is your budget, the price packages are quite apt and can be afforded by both the middle-class and the rich people.

Services and facilities it offers: –

The first thing is this place seats 120 people, which is a good number. It has two categories of rooms, one of which seats 50 people and the other seats 70. The packages include several hours rental and some added hours to set up the arrangements. The services offered here include catering services, video and photography, balloon arches, linen packages, and a lot more to make the baby shower celebration simply perfect. Ample space is also there for parking.

All these make La Belvedere the best baby shower venue in Queens, New York, and Brooklyn. Call and book if you are planning the same.