Birthday Parties

Birthdays are always special, be it a 1st, a sweet sixteen or the 80th. Plan the next birthday with us and we promise to make it a memorable event. La Belvedere Banquet Halls are well equipped to host birthday parties of all kinds. We can make room and arrangements for a kid’s birthday or for the elderly as well. If you are thinking of a particular theme for your kid’s birthday then we can even make that happen for you. Just let us know what is that you want and we will discuss the details and make the arrangements accordingly.

At La Belvedere we do allow the guests to make their own decorations and arrange the food themselves but if you want then we can do it for you. We provide good quality catering services in a variety of cuisines. You can choose as per your preference and that goes for both the food and the decorations. At La Belvedere Banquet Halls we make sure that each event is arranged and executed in a proper manner so that the host and guests have a great time together.