Gaye Holuds

An Indian wedding is a grand celebration that involves a lot of rituals and ceremonies before the main event. Gaye holud or Haldi is a pre-wedding ceremony that takes place on the day of the wedding. The ritual requires the bride to apply haldi (turmeric) and sandalwood paste on her face and body as a cleansing ritual before the wedding. The haldi is first applied by the groom and then it is sent to the bride. It is a really fun event and sets the tone of the wedding. The application of haldi also enhances the natural beauty of the bride.

Both the banquet halls that we have can accommodate both small and large groups. We provide you with enough space so that the ritual can be performed properly. At La Belvedere we also offer catering services at reasonable costs. There are a number of cuisine options that you can choose from for the refreshments. We pay special attention to the decorations and make sure that it matches the tone and theme of the occasion. If you have any queries regarding our arrangements, feel free to give us a call.